60 Second Trading How To

60 Second Trading How To

It is possible to make a profit with 60 Second Trading?

Yes, it is possible, but it requires some caution, “nerve”, and knowing how to adapt some of the existing strategies to have consistent results in 60 Second Trading.

As I mentioned in the article on 60 Second Strategy there are no 60 Second strategies, it is just a way to trade in the binary options market. Some brokers call them Turbo Options, however, they are just trades with short expiration times. In everything else they are the same as the other trades in this market.

Strategies for 60 Second Trading:

I use two strategies in this type of trading, a technical analysis and a fundamental analysis.

1 – 60 Second Trading using News Trading – Fundamental basic strategy. Technical knowledge is not required, just an economic calendar in order to follow the financial markets’ most important daily events. It is imperative to be able to react very quickly. For this, you must have a calendar that updates the news quickly. In the screenshot below there was an order placed at 13:32 that lost because it was placed too late. The news was announced at 13:30 and I was only able to update the calendar at 13:32. The market had already reacted and I placed the order too late, and lost for this reason. To better understand this strategy read the article: News Trading.

2 – 60 Second Trading using the Support and Resistance Strategy – This is a technique I use in Forex. When well understood and applied it is a very interesting strategy for fast or turbo trades. To be able to use it correctly, we need the right indicator. I have an indicator that I have used for several years and that has helped me immensely in using this strategy. To better understand this strategy read the article: Support and Resistance Strategy.

If you are interested in learning these strategies and want the indicator that I use, please feel free to contact me.

In the image below you can see 17 trades that I placed in a 24 hour period. The overall profit amounted to 28%. Before you start doing the math on how to get rich (:D), take into account the following:

– The day went well because the market was favorable to the use of my strategy. Not every day is like this.

– I used a small account and used a high risk, since in each trade I put 10% of my account at risk, which goes against Risk Management. The Risk Management article is very important. You should read it and put it into practice.

Click on the image to enlarge

Explanation of the image: 60 Second Trading

– The last trade of the day was a long term trade from the previous day in which I used a 4-hour strategy. It is a strategy that I use in Forex with an indicator that I created and which gives the entry point when the asset is overbought/oversold on a day where a retracement is predicted for the next day. This strategy will be explained in a future blog article.

– The trade that opened at 13:32 and closed at 13:36 was the one that I explained was based on the news and was lost due to trading 2 minutes later, because the calendar I used did not update quickly.

– The remaining 15 trades were done using the Support and Resistance Strategy with minor changes in order to adapt to the very short expiration times such as 60 seconds or two minutes. If you look closely at the image, you will notice that a number of trades lasted about 2 minutes and not 60 seconds. This is a technique that I use. I explain how and why to use it in my classes. This strategy produced a profit in 10 of 15 trades, which means that for every 3 trades placed, 2 had profit.

– At the beginning of the trades I had €10.00 and ended with €12.89, which translates into a profit of 28.9% in 24 hours. As I explained, don’t think that you will be able to have this profit every day, because it’s not every day that the market is favorable. You must also realize that it is necessary to have training and experience to be able to use all the strategies correctly.

The image below has the trades placed on November 14th. The accumulated profits are already at 50%. Click the image to enlarge.

60 segundos resultados 14 nov


In the image below you can see the results from November 17th. Almost a week later the accumulated profits are above 80%. Click the image to enlarge.

negociação 60 segundos

60 second trading – Conclusion:

It is possible to trade in 60 seconds, using familiar strategies and not with a 60 second trading strategy like other binary options sites claim. The important thing is to know how to adapt the best strategies to the short expiration times so that 60 second trading can result in consistent profits. It’s not easy, but with practice and experience it is possible, as shown above.

Please read other important items on the blog and if you’re interested in learning this and other strategies, please contact me. On the Promotions page there are normally offers to take advantage of free classes.

This strategy was used in an account where I won a Binary Options Tournament. Read the article that shows the Tournament results.

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