Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Brokers play a key role in this market.

We can say that without the brokers binary options would not exist, at least not for the common trader. In recent years, the advances in the internet and online platforms have resulted in a large growth of business based on online trading. Activities such as FOREX trading, casino games (poker, roulette, slot machines, etc.), sports betting, binary options and other instruments have appeared as a result of the evolution in the last 15 years.

The Appearance of Binary Options Brokers

The financial trading platforms, online gaming, and security systems that emerged resulted in the appearance and development of these new companies, which can be easily accessed with a computer and an internet connection. Known as brokers or brokerage firms, these companies are connected to the financial markets and have online programs where we can negotiate as if we were physically at the various stock exchanges such as London, New York, Tokyo, or Sydney.

They serve as a connection between the trader and the stock exchanges. A little more than 15 years ago, this connection did not exist, all trades in assets (currencies, stocks, commodities, etc.) were in the hands of the large brokerages and banks. The small investor didn’t have the knowledge, access, or information to be able to make money in the financial markets.

Today, fortunately everything is different, there is easy access to information and tools that allow anyone to take advantage of the vast possibilities that exist. This is not to say that it is very easy, that you just trade and make money. It’s not. We must learn, we must be patient, know how to lose sometimes, so that in the future we have the knowledge that allows us to make a profit.

With regards to binary options brokers, if on the one hand we can’t be in this market without them, on the other hand not all offer the guarantee of being a good partner.

The fast growth in this market in recent years led to the emergence of hundreds of binary options brokers, some to work, others to take advantage of easy money, especially because until recent years this market was unregulated.

Some people were swindled; their money would disappear, they couldn’t withdraw their money, it was all very complicated, confusing and without any regulations to protect small investors. The binary options market suffered from the bad image that some companies created.

Binary Options Brokers and Broker Market Regulation

Then came regulation. Some entities in Europe and America began to regulate activity linked to binary options. Many binary option brokers have disappeared in meantime, but many others remain without being regulated, and others are forced to close and then reappear elsewhere under another name, but always unregulated.

The first rule that a trader should have is choosing the right partner, the right broker. You should always choose one that is regulated by a credible authority. Don’t base yourself on bonuses, free gifts, or reviews if the broker is not regulated, DO NOT WORK WITH HIM! He may have been operating for several years and never had problems. But if one day you have a problem with him, you will have no authority to protect you and your money. All brokers that are regulated by CySEC of Cyprus (European regulation) are fined up to $10,000 for every complaint that is filed with the CySEC when it is proven client is right. Thus, it is very unlikely that regulated brokers engage in schemes to steal from their customers.

Binary Options Brokers – The current reality.

Another thing that should be noted is that the various regulated brokers have few differences between them, typically only the details differ from one broker to another. Some pay a little better, others give better bonuses, and others have more assets available for trading. But overall, the best are very similar. These are the brokers that should be our partners.

None of the many sites and blogs that I read to learn and compare with my reviews had up-to-date information. I came to the conclusion that the various sites and blogs that are older than six months, have out of date information about binary options brokers. They did an initial review/analysis and then never verified if there have been subsequent changes. They have 20 and 30 reviews of different brokers, however, many are uninteresting, unregulated and don’t have the necessary conditions to attract traders.

This market evolves at an incredible rate, it is important to check changes in each broker monthly to ensure we’re not misinforming the traders.

This Blog will have permanent updates of the conditions, promotions, rules, assets, etc., offered by each of the binary options brokers that are part of our portfolio of reviews/analysis. All information that will be available here will be pre-screened by customers of each broker in order to avoid publishing incorrect information.

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