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Olymp Trade, what is it? How it works? Will It Be Trusted? Get to know Olymp Trade, its advantages, and disadvantages.

Olymp Trade is a trading platform that was founded in 2014, but only became well known in 2016. It is one of the Online Trading companies of the new generation, in the wave that followed the example of success set by IQ Option.

It has its own simple and intuitive platform. Deposits start at $10 and trade at $1. Only classic (Call/Put) trades are available.

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Those who are familiar with IQ Option may be thinking this is a copy of it. It does have several similarities, but it has one big difference that I will discuss further on.

Although Olymp Trade is a recent trading platform, it already won an award in 2016: “Best options platform” from IAIR AWARDS.

Olymp Trade is regulated by FinaCom (International Financial Commission). You can view the license by following this LINK.

In September 2018, Olymp Trade was certified as a quality trading platform by an independent service Verify My Trade: VIEW LINK

Olymp Trade uses the quotes of the leading investment banks and proposes a weighted average price on the platform.

Olymp Trade Registration and Login

It is very easy to register with Olymp Trade.

You can register in a desktop and trade directly on the browser: LINK FOR DESKTOP

Or you can register directly in a Mobile device and download the APP and trade directly on your mobile phone: LINK FOR ANDROID | LINK FOR IOS

In any case, it is very simple to register. Leave your email, a password and chose your preferred account currency.

This is what you need to open a Free Demo account.

The login will be with the email and password you designated to register a free account.

Olymp Trade Platform

The Olymp Trade platform is certified by the International Financial Commission (FinaCom) as a member of category A.

The Financial Commission grants traders protection for their account up to $ 20,000 if a dispute between a trader and OlympTrade is settled in favor of the trader (under conditions established by FinaCom).

The Olymp Trade platform is very simple and intuitive. Because it was designed for those who are learning to trade, or for those who prefer a light, simple, and clear platform.

The platform was developed by the company itself. I would say that of the existing platforms on the market, the one that most resembles Olymp Trade is IQ Option.

This is also a similarity that is a compliment because the IQ Option platform is one of the best on the market.

Watch the Olymp Trade video

Trading is done on the web platform. There is also a platform for mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets using Android and iOS apps.

One can trade with the Olymp Trade OPTIONS accounts and Olymp Trade FOREX on the platform. These accounts are separate and have different interfaces.

An Olymp Trade OPTIONS account is used to make two types of trading with options: based on trading time (from 1 minute to several hours) and expiry time (from 1 minute).

Olymp Trade offers just one type of trade: Up and Down (Call/Put) which is the most classic and most used in options. The reason is simple: to make the platform and options trading simple and lightweight for users.

An Olymp Trade FOREX account is used to open positions (expecting price to rise) or sale (expecting price to fall) from the current price, with unlimited duration of trading.

There is no spread (the difference between buying and selling prices) but there is a fee that you have to pay when executing trades or keeping them until the next day.

Like the IQ Option platform, it is complete in terms of indicators and setups that we can configure on the platform, and thus one of the best on the market.

Olymp Trade OFFER:

Opening an account and depositing at Olymp Trade using the Button below entitles you to various training programmes and other tools. The training programmes include up to 6 strategies including the use of our Trading Signals, all tools that are exclusively ours. The 5 different training programmes vary depending on the value of the deposit. After registering at Olymp Trade, contact our team to confirm your registration at Olymp Trade. DO NOT DEPOSIT before confirming.


– What is an affiliate?An affiliate is someone who opened the account at the OlympTrade using a link from an affiliate site like ours. When you open the account through us, Olymp Trade shares a small part of the profits from trades.

For the client (you), it makes no difference whether you register through us or directly with the platform. The account is the same; the profits are the same; and the rules are the same. And you don’t pay anything to us nor to Olymp Trade.

It only has advantages: our support, our training programmes, strategies, signals for free or at lower prices, etc.

– Why are the offers exclusively for affiliates?

Because it was a lot of work to develop the resources, because there are costs associated with the site, the training programmes and all the tools that we offer, and because since you don’t pay anything to be an affiliate, it’s not too much to ask. And above all, because it is fair, if you don’t work for free, it is also fair that we receive something for our work. Even more because you don’t pay; OlympTrade does.

Olymp Trade Platform: Special Features:

Your Time:

It offers “YOUR TIME” options, that is, you choose your time, for example, 2, or 3, or 4 minutes, or whatever time you prefer. Very few companies offer the possibility of choosing the expiration time that you prefer.

When we open a 1-minute trade, it lasts exactly 60 seconds, while in IQ Option, for example, it ends at the end of the 1-minute candle. In practice, coming into a trade while the candle is running, we can never get exactly 1 minute, whereas here we can. And in 1-minute strategies, every second count.

However, Olymp Trade also offers the same expiration system as IQ Option offers, at the end of the candle. Therefore, if you prefer for your trade to end at the end of the candle and not 1, or 2, or 10 minutes from now, you can choose Time instead of Classic.

Expiration times at Olymp Trade range from 1 minute to 23 hours.

Trading on the weekend:

Another advantage that Olymp Trade offers is the possibility to trade during the weekend. For example, you can trade cryptocurrencies every day including weekends.

Closing Open Orders:

Imagine that the trade you opened is losing and the market continues to move in the opposite direction you intended. You can close your trade before the time ends. This way you do not lose 100% of your bet, but rather a smaller percentage of your bet.

Pending Orders:

You can leave orders pending, waiting for a price to reach a certain value, or for example when the news is announced, leave a transaction ready for that moment.

For users with Android or iOS, you can download the Olymp Trade app for free from the image below and trade directly on your mobile or tablet.

olymp trade mobile

Olymp Trade Learning Tools

Olymp Trade has several learning tools, such as multiple videos and ebooks. To access the learning tools, you just have to open a Demo account at the Olymp Trade.

OlympTrade offers a free Demo account of $10,000 to practice without having to make an initial deposit. The demo account can be used without limitations and if you lose you can reload as many times as you want. This is relatively rare among regulated companies, and even rarer because there is no need to make a deposit to have the demo account.

However, Olymp Trade, like all the others, does not really have a training programme that teaches you everything a beginner needs to know to achieve positive results in the long run. To obtain this necessary knowledge the ideal is to participate in a training programme.

We have Free training programmes for OlympTrade and for other companies.

To participate in the training programmes you need to be our affiliate (see an explanation of an affiliate above).SEE THE TRAINING PROGRAMMES.

Accounts and Bonuses at Olymp Trade

The minimum deposit amount to open a real account is $10. You can choose to have your account in Brazilian Real (R$), USD or EUR. The minimum trade is $1.

You can also have a demo account of $10,000 to practice.

Olymp Trade offers up to a 50% bonus on the first deposit and up to 50% on subsequent deposits. Today, many companies no longer offer bonuses because some regulators consider that bonus offers are a way for the trader to deposit more than they should or have at the moment.

As long as the trader uses the bonuses consciously, the bonus can be a help when we start trading. The bonuses cannot be withdrawn, they simply give the trader more leeway when trading.

Olymp Trade also offers a VIP account. To qualify for a VIP account you have to make a single deposit of 2,000 USD or EUR. Being a VIP has some advantages such as higher profits in each asset, faster withdrawals, a personnel analyst, etc.

olymp trade vip

Olymp Trade Deposits and Withdrawals

There are several possible deposit methods at OlympTrade ranging from the most common such as bank transfers, Visa and MasterCard, as well as electronic payments such as Skrill, Neteller, and other electronic wallet services. In Brazil it also accepts Boleto. The money is in the account in minutes.

Withdrawals must use the same method used for the deposit. Both the deposits and the withdrawals are fast. Depending on the type of account and the withdrawal method, it usually takes 5 business days to complete a withdrawal. You need to verify the account with an ID and address proof in order to withdraw your profits.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and no fees are charged on withdrawals, even if you request more than one withdrawal per month. This is unusual since most companies either charge fees or limits withdrawals to one per month without fees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a trading platform like IQ Option, and therefore it is different from the more common companies.

Olymp Trade Advantages:

– Minimum deposit of $10.

– The minimum trade of only $1. For those who are just beginning trading options, trading with low values is an advantage.

– Tournaments with cash prizes.

– Free $10,000 demo account.

– Platform with the ability to choose the trader’s own expiration time instead of the expiration times that normally exist.

– Withdrawals without fees.

Free and Exclusive Training Programmes.

Signals for Olymp. The best options signals.

– Support in Portuguese.

Olymp Trade Disadvantages:

– Less variety in assets.

– Limited options contracts to trade. Only classic Call/Put trades are available.

– At certain times we can have payouts of 80% while at other times 40% of the same asset.

– They do not have training (videos and webinars) in Portuguese.

– The regulations are not as strong as others who use CySEC, for example.

– They do not operate in Portugal.

Conclusion Olymp Trade

OlympTrade is a good choice for anyone who wants to begin trading. It has a good platform, low deposits, and trades from $1, and no fees on withdrawals.

Olymp Trade 1https://www.olymptrade.com
Established - 2015
Headquarters - Seychelles
Regulating EntityFinaCom - Licence
Customer Service ChannelsLive Chat, Telephone and Email
PlatformOlymp Trade - Proprietary platform
Trading ChannelsWeb, Mobile (APP available for Android and IOS - Smartphone and Tablet)
DepositsVisa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bank Transfer, E-Wallets
WithdrawalsVisa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bank Transfer, E-Wallets
Asset TotalsForex - 35 | Stocks - 13 | Indexes - 11 | Commodities - 6 | Total 65
Option TypesHigh/Low Turbo (60, 120 and 180 seconds) and Binary and YOUR TIME
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