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IQ Option Signals

IQ Option Signals is a service that was promised some time ago and is now available. Currently, IQ Option is one of the leading brokers. Their platform is considered by many to be the best platform on the market.

However, their platform works differently from the all others. This is because the time-frame for the trades doesn’t begin when we place a trade, but rather it begins when the candle begins. This detail keeps many strategies from working.

Therefore the signal system that I’m implementing is aimed at finding a strategy that can be used on the IQ Option platform, and even take advantage of the way the times are managed on this platform. I will explain this portion better further down.

See the updates and some real results with IQ Option Signals at the end of this article.

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IQ Option Signals – What are they?

IQ Option Signals are signals that are sent to clients, so that the clients don’t have any of the analysis work. They simply receive the signals in their email or on their smartphone (Apps for iOS and Android). After receiving the IQ Option signals, the client places the trade in their IQ Option account.

IQ Option Signals has all the information you need in order to place a trade in your account. The signal contains the information of whether the trade is Up/Call or Down/Put, the stock pair, the expiration time and at what price to enter. All the work is done, you just need to follow the instructions and place the trade in your account, which should take just some seconds.

Click on the image to see an example of an IQ Option Signals email

iq option signals


The Video below explains how to use the IQ Option Signals

IQ Option Signals – How does it work?

To use IQ Option Signals you need two things:

1 – An account at IQ Option

In order to use our signals, you must have an IQ Option account because our App redirects to your IQ Option App, allowing to swiftly putting the operation. And sometimes it is important to act fast while putting the IQ Option signals.  If you don’t have an account you should open one, even if it’s just a demo account, so that you can test and use the signals. Clean your browser’s history and click on the banner below. If you already have an account, just go directly to the step number two and fill out the SIGNALS CUSTOMER REGISTRATION form. Clear your browsing history and click on the banner to open account at IQ Option.

Open a FREE Account at IQ Option

2 – Subscribe to IQ Option Signals

Once you have an account (one you already had or one you opened now), you can subscribe to the IQ Option Signals. Click in the banner bellow or in THIS LINK to be redirected to the IQ Option registration page.

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AFTER REGISTRATION, you can download our App for iOS or Android and receive our signals directly on your mobile. The name of our App is: Signals & Robots. Search it on your App Store.

If you are using iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) click on the image below to go to the App store

If you are using Android (Smartphone ou Tablet) click on the image below to go to the Play play

If you want you can try the IQ Option Signals in a demo account before you use them in a real account. The signals are free for everyone at a first stage. Therefore, you can test them in a demo account.

IQ Option Signals – Why IQ Option?

Since IQ Option is one of the main brokers on the Market, has a solid regulation and has a partnership with our blog (we also offer a strategy and Binary Options training, get in touch with us), we have decided that it should be a good choice to use our signals.

Furthermore, the IQ Option platform it’s one of the most complete regarding the amount of available indicators, meaning that we can do a fast and accurate analysis, before placing the signal in our IQ Option account. In this video you can learn more on how to correctly analyse a signal.

Another reason is the available demo account, in which we can make a tryout the signals before making a deposit.

And the deposit itself is another advantage, since the minimum deposit amount is set in just 10$.

IQ Option Signals – Some Advice

It is important that we place the trades as soon as possible, from the moment we receive the signal by email or in the App.

Another important point is the Strike Price. This is the entry price. In a put option (down) I’m interested in entering above this entry price. In a call option (up) I’m interested in entering as low as possible, so it is good to enter a little below the Strike Price.

There are two choices on the trade value, normal and double. The double is when we lose on the previous signal, so we choose to use Martingale and double the value of the previous trade. The client must choose if they prefer to double the value of the trade or maintain the usual value.

In case you enter and win and the system loses (it may happen, if you wait a bit and enter the trade at a more favorable price), the system may send a new signal with double the value, because the system had a loss. But if you have made a profit, you don’t use this signal and don’t place a trade. You only place that trade if you lost as the system did.

The binary options signals have an expiration time of 30 minutes. This way there is enough time to receive the notification of the signal and calmly place the trade in your account. However, I advise placing the trade based on the IQ Option signals within the first 5 minutes after receiving the signal.

When you select a trade, IQ Option uses a 15-minute time-frame as the default, however, we’ll want to use 30 minutes. Don’t forget to change the time-frame to 30 minutes. Sometimes with the rush to place the trade we forget to change the time-frame to 30-minutes and enter the trade with a 15-minute time-frame and end up losing.

IQ Option Signals – Cost

As I explained previously the service is completely free to try in the initial stage. You can use them in a real or demo account, as you please.

After that tryout phase, the service is paid by subscription system. This subscription is made during the registration, however without any cost during the free period. At the end you can cancel the IQ Option Signals, if you don’t wish to keep using them, not paying, therefore, any amount.

You can also get up to 12 months free Signals. Check HERE.

IQ Option Signals – Final Thoughts

After registration on the IQ Option Signals, when do I start to receive the signals? Immediately after. You will receive the next signal that is sent. It can take 1 minute or 1 day, the system determines the entries and you never know when it will find a signal. Just wait and be alert to your email or Push Notification on your Smartphone.

All IQ Option Signals are for 30-minute expiration times. In the future we may offer other expiration times, but for now they are for 30-minute expirations only.

The amount of IQ Option Signals will vary depending on the day. Some days may not have any signals and others may have 10 or more.

There may be signals on assets that are not open at that moment at the IQ Option brokerage, or where the profit offered at that time is very low. The system does not control for this, it only seeks entries, as long as the market is open. The broker can decide, in a specific period of time, to close that particular asset, and then you will not be able to place the operation, just wait for the next one. The decision to use the signal is always yours, you should therefore check the profit paid by IQ Option at that time and decide whether it is worth entering.

Initially, I advise that you to test the signals on a demo account, so you can test them calmly without fear of losing money.

Although past profitability does not guarantee future profitability, the truth is that these signals have been working. The success rate has been around 70%. However we are always working on the algorithm to improve the quality of the IQ Option signals and increase the hit rate.

The video below is very important, as I teach to properly analyze the IQ Option Signals before placing them.  With this analysis you will improve the results with the signals, choosing just the right ones and increase even more your profits.

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I also suggest to see our other videos about IQ Option Signals and Binary Options in general in our Youtube Channel.


July 2016

This update has to do with the publication of results that the robot has had. So that customers, current and future, can see and analyze the real results of our signals system, I am providing a full statement from the month of July with all the signals sent by the system.

You can download the results, analyze the signals, and check their veracity on an MT4.

July Results link: Signals Results Link (click the link and download both files).

In relation to the signals, with an opening of 25 USD for each trade for each signal (corresponding to 5% of a 500 USD account) and in case of a loss, using Martingale with an opening of 50 USD, the monthly cumulative result was 300 USD. This represents a total profit of 60%. But, for this result you would have to have traded on all the signals and since the system works 24 hours, it is impossible to use all the signals. So, although you would not have had a 60% profit, you would have always had a good result.

It is important to understand that this was an excellent month and even picking up some of the signals, if you placed them in the right way, you would have had excellent results.

It is also important to understand that no system has a 60% profit every month. In the same way that July was excellent there are months in which the results are not good and may even have losses. The long-term is what is important.

This update is also important for those who have not been able to have positive results, so they can see if they are doing something wrong.

August 2016

We almost didn’t had any IQ Option Signals. As we were launching the APPs we needed to stop the system, create the proper connections, make tests, etc etc.

September 2016

This was a month of negative results with IQ Option Signals. The examination led us to change somethings in the system in order to work with less risk. The iOS APP was launched.


October 2016

On the 9th the new version of the IQ Option Signals became active, with the new defined strategies aimed at less risk and more reliability. Between the 9th and the end of October, following the path of July, the profits were of 39%. In this link you can confirm the results: LINK WITH RESULTS. The Android APP was launched.

November 2016

On the 15th, the video that teaches how to take a better advantage from IQ Option Signals, through a quick but decisive analysis that allows you to only pick up the best signals, was launched. This prior analysis allows for an improvement of the results in more than 20%.

A crucial update to the Apps was made. This update adapts the local time zone of each person to the signal. In the previous versions, the signal timezone was the same as our server, confusing our clients, leading them to have doubts regarding the expiration time and entry time of a new signal. With this new version, it’s always the time zone of every single user.

March 2017

Released the new version of the IQ Option Signals that are now for a set of brokers and not just for the IQ Option. In the App you can choose one of the brokers available in addition to the IQ Option.
Also launching the promotions for the signals. You can now get up to 12 months free Signals. Check HERE.

Rui Oliveira

Trader for more than 20 years and author of several blogs. After the success of my Binary Options training lessons, I decided to offer my services on a worldwide basis. That is how this blog was born. I hope you enjoy it and share it. Thank You.

  • Yasser Alghamdi This App is most and best App to make money I make more than 4000$ from 200$

    • Thank you for sharing with us your results.
      To other clients, I would like to say that it is not normal those results.
      This client had lucky in getting really good signals.
      This is not always like this.
      Our system has also weeks with losses.

      • Sharif ibrahimi

        All ur signal is wrong shet man

        • Hello Sharif,
          1 – we write shit, not shet, it is a simple word!
          2 – I think, as you don’t know how to write, you probably don’t know how to trade. For that reason you don’t know how to use our signals.
          That is true that some days they fail, that is a fact. We do not have the miracle system that makes 100%, I assure you.
          But I also want to tell you this.
          You signed up the 1st October. Since this day our signals are in profit, I can send you all the data from this 10 days.
          Today for example we managed to have 7 signals, 6 Wins 1 Fail.
          So, or you are an idiot, or you are from a competitor trying to say bad things about our service.
          Please see the image below, if you are intelligent enough to understand it.