Olymp Trade Signals

Olymp Trade Signals

Olymp Trade Signals – What are they?

Olymp Trade Signals it’s a system that was created after our first experience with IQ Option (IQ Option Signals). After the success of this system built to IQ Option, we decided to reproduce it, but at this turn to Olymp Trade.

Olymp Trade is today, one of the leading trading platform worldwide. Its platform is autonomous and functional. See our Olymp ANALYSIS.

The system Olymp Trade Signals uses a strategy that suits the company platform regarding expiration times.

Olymp Trade Signals are signals that are sent to customers so that they are free from all the analytical work.

You receive messages in your email or smartphone (App for iOS or Android).

After receiving the signals from our system simply put the transaction in your Olymp Trade account.

Olymp Trade signals have all the necessary information to open an operation in your account.

The signal is sent with the following information: up or down, in what pair, for which expiration time (for now only 30 minutes expiration) and at what price you should enter (strike price). It takes a few seconds to open a trade using just the information you get from the system.

Click on the image to see an example of an email with the Olymp Trade Signals

olymp trade signals 2
Watch the video below which explains the operation of Olymp Trade Signals (the video uses the Option IQ platform, but the action in Olymp Trade is equal).

Olymp Trade Signals – How it works

To use the Olymp Trade signals, it only requires two things:

1 – Having an account in Olymp Trade

To use the signals must have an account at Olymp Trade. Our App redirects to Olymp Trade’s App, making the process of placing the signal faster.

Sometimes it is important to act fast in the placement of the Signal.

If you have no active account, you should open one.

This is necessary to be able to test and use the signals.

Click the button below to open a demo or a real account. If you already have an account, just register the Olymp Trade Signals.

Clear your browsing history and click on the button to open an account in Olymp Trade.

2 – Subscribe to Olymp Trade Signals

Once you have an account, you can now subscribe to the Olymp Trade Signals.
Click the button below to register or THIS LINK to be taken to the registration page of Olymp Trade Signals.

Get 2 Weeks Trial > Olymp Trade Signals

The signals are free for all our affiliates during a 2-week trial. After the free trial, the signals can be paid or free. There are promotions that offer the signals for up to 12 months.

For those not affiliated with us, they can make the 2-week trial for only 4.99 USD.

Signals Olymp Trade – Why Trade Olymp?

Being Olymp Trade one of the leading trading platforms in the market, regulated and partner with our site (we also offer a strategy and support for those who open accounts through our website), we decided it would be a good choice as a partner Olymp Trade for our signals.

In addition, the Olymp Trade platform is the most comprehensive concerning indicators so that we can make a quick and efficient signal analysis before deciding to use the signal on our Olymp Trade account. See how to analyze a signal correctly in this VIDEO.

Another reason is the possibility of opening a demo account and test the signals without having to make a deposit (in that case you will need to pay just 4,99 for 2 weeks trial).
Additionally, the minimum deposit is an advantage, allowing deposits of values from $ 10.

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Signals Olymp Trade – Some advice

It is important that we place the trades as soon as possible, from the moment we receive the signal by email or in the App.

Another important point is the Strike Price. This is the entry price. In a put option (down) I’m interested in entering above this entry price. In a call option (up) I’m interested in entering as low as possible, so it is good to enter a little below the Strike Price.

There are two choices on the trade value, normal and double. The double is when we lose on the previous signal, so we choose to use Martingale and double the value of the previous trade. The client must choose if they prefer to double the value of the trade or maintain the usual value.

In case you enter and win and the system loses (it may happen, if you wait a bit and enter the trade at a more favorable price), the system may send a new signal with double the value, because the system had a loss.

Click below to open a free account at Olymp Trade.

But if you have made a profit, you don’t use this signal and don’t place a trade. You only place that trade if you lost as the system did.

The options signals have an expiration time of 30 minutes. This way there is enough time to receive the notification of the signal and calmly place the trade in your account. However, I advise placing the trade based on the Olymp Trade signals within the first 5 minutes after receiving the signal.

When you select a trade, Olymp Trade uses a 15-minute time-frame as the default, however, we’ll want to use 30 minutes. Don’t forget to change the time-frame to 30 minutes.

Sometimes with the rush to place the trade, we forget to change the time-frame to 30-minutes and enter the trade with a 15-minute time-frame and end up losing.

Signals Olymp Trade – Costs

As previously explained, the service is completely free for our affiliates (with a real account and a deposit) at an initial phase. We also have promotions where you can get free signals for up to one year.

For those who are not affiliated, it will offer two weeks to test with minimal cost ( $4,99 per 2 weeks), and then it will reset to a standard monthly value.

At any time, you can become our affiliate and therefore, take advantage of our promotions (free signal or at discounted prices, training, strategies, etc).

Price for affiliates: $0 initial and then monthly $19.99 (USD

Price for Non-affiliates: $4.99 initial and then monthly $39.99 $ (USD)

Learn about the various promotions we have for Olymp Trade Signals> HERE

Olymp Trade Signals – Frequently Asked Questions:

After registration on the Olymp Trade Signals, when do I start to receive the signals? Immediately after.

You will receive the next signal that is sent. It can take 1 minute or 1 day, the system determines the entries and we never know when it will find a signal. Just wait and be alert to your email or Push Notification on your Smartphone.

All Olymp Trade Signals are for 30-minute expiration times. In the future, we may offer other expiration times, but for now, they are for 30-minute expirations only.

The amount of Olymp Trade Signals will vary depending on the day. Some days may not have any signals and others may have 10 or more.

There may be signals on assets that are not open at that moment at the Olymp Trade platform, or where the profit offered at that time is very low.

Click below to open a free account at Olymp Trade.

The system does not control for this, it only seeks entries, as long as the market is open.

Olymp Trade can decide, in a specific period of time, to close that particular asset, and then you will not be able to place the operation, just wait for the next one.

The decision to use the signal is always yours, you should, therefore, check the profit paid by Olymp Trade at that time and decide whether it is worth entering.

Initially, I advise that you to test the signals on a demo account so you can test them calmly without fear of losing money.

Although past profitability does not guarantee future profitability, the truth is that these signals have been working.

The success rate has been around 70%. However, we are always working on the algorithm to improve the quality of the Olymp Trade signals and increase the hit rate.

The video below is very important, as I teach to properly analyze the Olymp Trade Signals before placing them. 

With this analysis you will improve the results with the signals, choosing just the right ones and increase even more your profits.

I advise you to visualize other videos on our Youtube channel.

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